Example Services
Robotics and the Future of Logistics
Pick and place

Remove humans packing, scanning and transport needs through pick and place robotics.

Telcom and Security

Interface your logistics systems or improve your security through CCTV and mesh networks

Vision Systems

With vision systems and AI, inspection tasks and quality control can be completed automated.

Our Logistics Solutions
Customised automation, telecommunication and security technologies

At Applax we provide specific solutions tailored to our customers product or problem requirements. From the refinement of the scope to the design and implementation and ongoing support we aim to be our customers long term partner in automation and technology.

Increase efficiency

Reduce time spent on repetitive and low skilled tasks.

Why Automate Repetitive Tasks?

Boost customer trust and satisfaction using automated inspection and quality control solutions with greater traceability.

Customised, fit for purpose solutions

At Applax we utilise extensive sensor, robotics, control system and telecommunication technologies to produce custom solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Logistics Case Studies
Case Studies

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