Our Manufacturing Solutions
Customised Robotics, sensors and software

At Applax we provide specific solutions tailored to your product or problem requirements. From the refinement of the scope to the design and implementation and ongoing support we aim to be our customers long term partner in automation and technology.

Increase efficiency

Reduce time spent on repetitive and low skilled tasks.

Why Automate Repetitive Tasks?

Boost customer trust and satisfaction using automated inspection and quality control solutions with greater traceability.

Example Services

All our solutions are customised to client requirements and thus we encourage you to contact us with your problem, product or simply to discuss where efficiencies may be increased.

Robotic Welding

Reducing the simple, repeatable welding within your business allows your staff to focus on the higher skilled jobs, unlocks better efficiencies, promotes safety and ensures accuracy and precision. All our solutions are custom built.

3D Scanning Metrology

Utilising handheld tracking with I trackers, Applax leverages Scantech equipment to allow scanning of a variety of objects, small and large without reference objects. The result is an efficient solution for quality control.

Pick and Place and Assembly Cobots

Easily trained solutions for a variety of collaborative pick and place and assembly robots. Paired with vision the robots can also spot defects through your manufacturing process.

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