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At Applax, we help you maximise your businesses productivity and increase the job satisfaction of your employees by automating the labour-intensive tasks of your business using robotics, telecommunications, sensors, and other advanced technologies.

We offer custom solutions tailored specific to your needs, whether that of a new product or refinement of current processes.

Safety, Efficiency, Reliability
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Applax is committed to supporting the environment by developing eco-friendly technologies and minimizing our carbon footprint.

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Collaborative Robotics
Easy to train and safe around people

Increase Productivity in areas previously inaccessible by industrial robotics. 

Cobots offer your business a solution to logistics, quality control, small scale manufacturing, education and hospitality that doesn’t prohibit safe access.

Contact us for a free exploratory session to discuss if cobots could be a solution for your business.

Project Highlights
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Precision Spraying

As a means of developing a cheaper alternative for precision spraying Applax helped develop the software and sensors to map and feed data back to tractors/ spray drones for targeted weed control.

3D Scanning Metrology

Utilising the ScanTech P series Applax is currently developing solutions for metrology in manufacturing which requires no reference objects on the parts to achieve sub-millimetre accuracies.

Wireless Mesh Networks

As part of an autonomous project Applax has been actively developing wireless mesh networks for agriculture in the South East empowering advancement of autonomous systems in agriculture.

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Connecting Schools and Industry

See our involvement alongside the Department of Regional Development, Manufacuring and Water in the Western Downs Makers Empire Program which aims to connect industry and schools to bolster the future of automation and advanced manufacturing.

If you’d like to discuss opportunities for us to hold workshops at your school, you can contact us below.

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